Tried something new…

I want to take the opportunity today to show you something new I tried. I’ve heard a few people mention faux letterpress as a beautiful technique. It’s one I’ve been wanting to try, so I pulled out a couple embossing folders to try it!

The premise of this technique is to ink one side of the embossing folder on the inside, then put the paper inside and run it through your big shot or cuttlebug. The first ink I tried was a distress ink, but it immediately beaded up and I knew it was not going to work for what I wanted. I cleaned the folder and tried some Mix’d Media ink. Here is my first try:

peridot 1
I think my ink pad may need to be re-inked. The color wasn’t very intense, and the result is very soft. I’m not sure if parts weren’t embossed enough to get the ink, or if there wasn’t enough ink in general. It did give a pretty result, but again – very soft. It’s not the color intensity I was looking for.

Next I tried the Denim Blue ink color of Mix’d Media ink.

denim 2
Well, I got the color intensity I was looking for, but the result was less than crisp! The ink pad wasn’t very well suited to this technique in my opinion, as it got down in the area I was leaving without color, even when I was being super careful. I noticed it also smeared or had a doubled image on the end that went through the machine last. Not sure if that was user error or what, so I tried again with another ink.

The remaining attempts were using Ancient Page Light Brown Ink by ClearSnap. Here are the next three tries to get a good impression.

tries 3-5
Tries number 3 and 4 had similar messy results as the blue one above. On the 5th try, I turned the folder around to see if maybe it was the folder….it wasn’t. As you can see, the bottom is clear and the top is messy. The messy end was the last part to go through the machine.

I then had the thought that maybe I needed a folder that was less ornate. I switched out the tropical paisley pattern for a more simple flourish.

number 6
Better….but no. There were parts of the folder that didn’t seem to get enough pressure and the ink didn’t transfer. Once again, I wanted to try one last time! I was starting to get pretty frustrated!

Here is my final attempt:

Sigh. Well….this DOES seem to be the best one….It’s still not right, though. I ended up using a shim and it was too thick, so the paper ripped within the flourish in a few places. It’s not large tears, just small ones. In fact, I didn’t notice them until I realized I could see light through the paper in spots. This did give a better impression, but still not right.

I’m not exactly sure what I may be doing wrong. It’s definitely a technique I’m not willing to give up on – I think the results can be very beautiful. Have you tried this technique? Do you have any tips for me? I think I may still be able to use some of these impressions for some cards or perhaps layering pieces. We’ll see where they end up!

Monday’s Challenge this week is about embossing. You can get all the details here. You’ve got until Sunday night at midnight to link up your project. Also be sure to check out Scrapping With Pirkie and see what Sam’s been making!

See you back here on Friday!


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