Just checking my blog stats – and I happened to look at my search engine term results. That’s what people typed into a search engine that resulted in them coming to my blog. I had a couple of crazy things (nail biting pictures – um, ok) and a bunch of predictable results (crafting searches). One recent search caught my eye. Within the past 30 days someone searched for “susan fairchild respiratory therapist.” Yes, those four words all together. Huh. Now I’m curious – who from my past is looking for me?!?! I’ve not been in that field for many years, so it just has me curious!

There was another search for “susan fairchild email address.” I’ll make it easy – it’s my name – yes, the one you just searched for – with a DOT in between the two words, and I use gmail. 🙂 I don’t want to put the full address typed out here because of bot crawlers that search for spammable email addresses.

Ok, enough random stuff….

I went to a crop this weekend and had so much fun! I made 7 layouts! I know that may not sound like a lot to some of you, but for me that’s almost unheard of! I’m a very slow scrapper! I’ll photograph them later today and share them either later tonight or tomorrow! 🙂


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