Gratitude #6-30 (aka:life happened!)

Yes, I got busy.

And life happened…

I was in a car accident.

Then we had a tornado.

No joke. I can not make this up.

I seriously need to write a book!

We are still recovering from the storm, and every day brings us closer to normal. We are back in our home after a lengthy hotel stay, and that is the best part!

I had a spreadsheet with all my gratitude ideas, and was writing the paragraphs daily as I posted.  SO, here are my gratitudes for the rest of November, in a list. 🙂

#6 Living in this country, and enjoying the freedoms I have.
#7 My oldest son, Logan, who loves to play violin.
#8 My son, Tyler – a budding cellist who wants to learn even more instruments!
#9 My daughter, Sarah – who is SO much like me!
#10 My son, Brandon – Sarah’s twin – and an endless source of energy, till he wears himself out, then randomly just goes to bed!
#11 Dear friends – those that accept me for who I am. 🙂
#12 Scrapbooking – my creative outlet that keeps me sane!
#13 A handy hubby – he’s worth his weight in gold! He’s not afraid to tackle any project.
#14 My sister – I think we are closer friends now as adults than we were as children – and we were close then!
#15 Neighbors that are helpful and willing to keep an eye out for us. They are also friends.
#16 Security – the ability to be a stay at home mom is such a blessing!
#17 Intelligent, happy, healthy children. I am SO blessed!
#18 Foundations in faith.
#19 Extended Family
#20 Stars – I love gazing up at them!
#21 Internet – keeping me connected, providing entertainment, and as a resource.
#22 Plenty of food – we don’t worry about our next meal like so many families in the world.
#23 Photography – a new perspective
#24 Vehicles – dependable means of transportation
#25 Sewing – a useful skill
#26 Music – a calming melody, a melancholy tune, or a song to dance.
#27 Dogs – totally adore my poodles!
#28 Naps – As every adult can attest – they are beautiful….for adults and kids alike!
#29 Dr. Pepper – my vice!
#30 Love – giving and receiving. ❤


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