Happy Hump Day

Yes, I know yesterday was Wednesday, but I’m not talking about THAT hump day! I’m talking about one that hit a little closer to home…Next month is known for being Breast Cancer Awareness month, and many of us have a special knowledge of how important that is. Many of us have lives that have been touched by this awful disease – we have a loved one who has battled courageously or we ourselves have fought the fight. My best friend, and fellow DT member, Monica – fought and WON her fight five plus years ago! YAY!!! This page is in celebration of one of the silly things we did half way through her radiation treatment.

Monica loves birthday cake. And not just any cake – cakes with tons of rich thick icing – no whipped icing for this gal! So, as a celebration, I brought a celebration cake in pink and purple up to her work to allow all the office mates to commemorate this half way point milestone. The pinks and purples in the patterned paper were a perfect match for the vibrant cake.

A resin alphabet title and some computer printed journaling set the stage. I did a little stitching, added some washi tape and some buttons and bling to finish things off!


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