…..and…I’m THRILLED!!!

I finally got my courage up to try out for my Local Scrap Store (LSS) Design Team call. It’s been a few years since I’ve been active on a design team. I really loved being on two previous design teams. One was a local store that has since closed, and the other was a friend’s online company. I was super involved in the online company’s team and I’ve really missed being involved with a design team. I love the push for creativity, the teaching opportunities, the camaraderie, all of it. (And, yes, I *am* one of those weirdos that loves to be up in front of a crowd running my mouth – teaching, demoing, sharing a passion.)

I’m absolutely thrilled to say that I am now a proud member of the Scrapping Frenzy Design Team! Soon I’ll have a linky on the side to their blog and website. We also have an active Facebook Page. (squeal!! I get to say *we* again! LOL I totally own my dorky side!) I’ll be posting weekly on their blog and will post sneak peaks here. I can’t wait to get started!


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