Two more days…

I’m in a holding pattern. My laptop fan died. Yes, DIED! I ordered a new one from eBay (since no local place had one). I ordered from a seller in China (since the USA suppliers were at minimum 4x more expensive! and come-on….we all know it’s the SAME part! It’s STILL made in China!) Anyway – the point…. I ordered it on Feb 1, the auction stated 7-25 days shipping. That seemed fine at the time since my fan was acting up, not dead yet, and I’ve ordered from the far east sellers before and had *very* fast shipping – ten days or less! 🙂 So, I think I’m all good….well, apparently not so much. 😛 The fan died probably two weeks ago, and I’ve been very limited on how long I can stay on my laptop. Then hubby (aka My Personal Computer Pro) told me it’s not a good idea to be on it at all in it’s current state, and he’d prefer me to leave it off until the fan is replaced. Well, durn it! Since then I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the mail man to bring me my package from China. Thursday will be day 25…. Every day I’ve been disappointed with the mail. 😦 Today was a special disappointment. I got a notice that a registered package was attempted to be delivered. DANG IT! It was sent registered, not delivery confirmation. CRUD! Now I have to go pick it up tomorrow morning, and it will be installed tomorrow night. I’ll be back soon…. Promise to miss me?

*I’m posting on Chris’s computer!


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