*sigh, insert witty title here*

Nope, not me, him – my sweet husband that is. Chris is really sick. Really. After being up all night sick and most of the morning, I finally got him into the car to go to the urgent care place. He knew this morning that he needed to go, but was so weak and sick he couldn’t walk. Then, I called our dr’s office and they were closed today.

For anyone not in the immediate area, that sounds ridiculous to be closed on a Tuesday. Well, guess what? It’s Mardi Gras!!! um, yeah, I don’t really get it either. 😛 Anywho – Mardi Gras originated here in Mobile, and it’s big doings in these parts! Half the city closes down, or so it seems….maybe it’s more than half. We prefer to stay at home avoiding the crazy-drunk-bead-wearing-fools that go nuts on Fat Tuesday. I digress….

Back to the sick sweetie…. Since our dr of choice is off today, we headed over to the urgent care walk in clinic. With all four kids in tow. Part way there I realized I had left all forms of entertainment at home. Whoops! They check him out, agree that he is sick as a dog, and proceed to treat him. He gets a blood draw (electrolytes not completely whacky, but on their way), two bags of fluids, and a healthy dose of phenergan (anti-nausea) given *just* in time to avoid an unpleasant event for the nurse and Chris! He has instruction to take the meds he was prescribed (a small sampling of various drugs from the pharmacy I have yet to go pick up) and return to work on Monday. Monday. He’s got work to do, folks! He has projects at work that can’t really be put off! Of course, he’s arguing that we’ll see how he feels in a day or two. He’s not a good patient. 😉

Once the second bag of fluid was hung, one iPhone battery was dead from entertaining the kids, and the other iPhone battery was almost dead, I decided to take my kids across the street to McD’s for a burger. The meltdowns ensued. Sarah was overly tired. (all the kids were tired, but the twins especially) Tyler told me several times he didn’t have his medicine this morning. (he was super fidgety) Everyone had a custom order for their happy meal, and the girl behind the counter had us wait while she counted down a drawer. No one else was available to take an order. Really? You have FOUR registers and you’re going to have a frazzled woman and four little kids wait? (yes, I was beyond my patience today – normally I’m ok with this type of thing, I know people have things to get done, I get it. Today was just not a good day.)

Sarah was crying because she wanted to play outside on the play set. The boys wanted their toys and food. Tyler started dipping his nuggets in his apple dipping sauce, insisting it was for the nuggets, not the apples. (whatever!) I was worried about corralling what felt like a zillion children at the time, and watching the clock to get back to the office as soon as I could. (and saying silent prayers that the nurse really would keep an eye on my sweetie like she promised, and that I wouldn’t come back to find he had a concussion from rolling off the skinny exam table while he snored under the effects of the phenergan!) Sorry for that last run-on sentence!

A few melt downs later we were on our way back to the office to collect a groggy sweetie that finally had a bit of color back to his face! 😀 He’s now passed out in the bed, oblivious to everything. The kids are going to bed early tonight – they’ve got school tomorrow and they are extra cranky/tired today.

Tomorrow will still be crazy…I have to get up EARLY to cook a turkey (since cooking it today didn’t happen!) Take kids to school, take a friend to a dr appointment, take friend back home, comfort sick sweetheart, get kids back from school, take dinner up to church, get kids home for homework and dinner, back up to the church for a wake and funeral…..whew!

Today I still need to do laundry, dishes, take out trash, straighten the living room, meal plan the next two weeks, and breathe. I think I’ll start with the breathing!


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