Creative Outlet

Well, I’m getting serious…..about photography! I am really wanting to grow my skills and learn more about photography. To this end, I’ve joined a local camera club – Camera South. I attended the last monthly meeting, and hope to meet up with some of the other member photogs to take some pictures this weekend. I’m really excited to meet some other people that have the same passion. I’m also hoping to build a portfolio and have some of the pro members give me some constructive criticism. This both makes me nervous and excites me. Weird, huh? I want to be able to take photos and have consistently good shots, not lucky shots. The only way to do this, I hear, is to practice, practice, practice. So that’s what I’m going to be doing. I plan to share some of the photos here on the blog.

I’ve got to grow in my photography skills as well as my editing proficiency. I need to get more comfortable shooting in RAW. I need to get more comfortable with my camera capabilities. I’m finding that I am not terrified to shoot in manual mode, like I was 6 months ago, so that’s definitely a plus! Though I’m not super comfortable in manual, yet. It’s a process, right?

I’ve taken several (ok, a LOT) of pictures so far this year, in the hopes of doing a 365 project. This leaves a TON of editing for me to do! I’m wondering if I should just jump in now and post currently, and add the previous shots as I get them edited…. That may work.


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