Wake Up!

I follow another blog that has truly inspired me to plow on through this craziness I call my home. Many times I’ve tried to start organizing and have gotten discouraged, but reading this one woman’s progress has helped me to persevere. You can follow her progress at A Slob Comes Clean. Every week she adds another “non-negotiable task” to her daily list of items to do.

This is the way I want to build on my progress, too. In the same spirit, I want to add WAKE AT 6AM to my daily tasks. This week I’ll continue to make my bed, do the dishes daily, and now will wake at 6am! It will mean heading to bed at a reasonable hour, something not easy for a night owl that is currently battling insomnia, but it’s an important thing if I want to get up so early! I’m tired of running around like crazy in the morning trying to get four kids ready and out the door on time. Today it was by the skin of our teeth! If I wake early enough, it won’t be so crazy. Eventually I’d like to make lunches the night before and all sorts of radical plans (ha-ha) for now, I’ll settle for getting up earlier! (and as an extra – maybe I can get a shower at the BEGINNING of my day rather than after I do the carpool run! BONUS!)


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