A Small Start

Well, though I’ve not been posting, I have been busy! Some background: This is the first year all my children are in school! (shock, I know!) I had grand plans for how I was once and for all going to get my home organized, decluttered, and clean! Then life happened. Everyone got sick with the swine flu, then I got pneumonia, then it all seemed to just go nuts! Finally everyone is healthy and back in school, so I’ve got my rear in gear, and have gotten a decent start!

Today makes two solid weeks of making my bed every day. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust me, it is! It makes my whole room feel more pulled together and neater. The first weekend of October, while listening to my church’s semi-annual conference on the satelite tv, I worked like crazy in our bedroom. The master bedroom is the most neglected room in my home. It’s the room no one sees, it’s the dumping ground. I worked Saturday morning while the mister was on site working, and then he jumped in that night and the next day. We made quite the dent in our room. Sadly we got rid of about 6 bags of junk to goodwill, several bags of trash junk, and a bag of smaller boy clothes/kid toys to a friend. (I say sadly because it’s sad we’ve let JUNK clutter our master bedroom, the room that is supposed to be a retreat.) It’s still got a lot of work yet to be done, but it was a welcomed start!

I’ve stayed on top of not letting the room get worse, and have made bits of more headway. I’ve emptied another laundry basket of junk, cleaned off my dresser, gotten more stuff gone to goodwill. I’ve prided myself on making that bed everyday. It’s nice to walk through there and see the order we’ve reclaimed. I can’t wait to finish it! I would love to plow through it, but I’m having to pace myself because of my health restrictions. If I do too much, I can be pretty worthless the next day, and that’s not worth it, to me. I also volunteer at the kids school a couple times a week, so I need to keep myself in check energy wise. My goal is to keep up and make improvements – to not backslide. So far, so good! 🙂

I was making headway with the dishes, but hadn’t quite gotten everything clean at once – you know that stragler dish that seems to get put off each night? Well, I was dreading those cookie sheets and the muffin tin….so they sat. Dishes didn’t get worse, but I wasn’t really making much headway. Then a friend came over to watch the kids, and did that bit – and since then I’ve had all the dishes done. There was some mental block preventing me from excelling, and that little push was perfect – I’ve kept them up – all of them. I also went the extra step and cleaned out the fridge. No, the shelves aren’t wiped down (they aren’t grimy, but just need wiping down). The nasty food is gone, and the dishes containing it were washed! As a side note, it makes cooking so much easier/more pleasant! I’ve been able to enjoy baking, and I clean as I go now to make it easier to clean up later.

I also was able to go through the kids dressers and reorganize and pull out clothes that don’t fit/work anymore. Now when I do laundry, it can go right to where it belongs, rather than stay folded in laundry baskets. Makes getting dressed easier, faster, and less frustrating! I need to get the laundry room cleaned out again. It was clean about 6 months ago, but with six people making dirty laundry every day, it can quickly spiral out of control, and it has. A lot of the laundry is clean, but it just got shoved in a basket and set aside. I need to throw those loads in the dryer for a few minutes to de-wrinkle, then fold and put it away. Then I should be able to keep the laundry under control. That’s the current goal.

I got part of the living room cleaned up. The coffee table is cleaned off and decluttered – and has remained neat for a week! (why is it a coffee table when we don’t drink coffee? Is sofa table better? or is that only the tall behind-the-sofa table name? What should I call the coffee table? – a soda table?) I need to get the rest of it cleaned up. I hate walking in and seeing that clutter. It’s the first room that greets us – I need to make it a priority.

In a nutshell: daily – make bed, do dishes, keep up and make progress!
Current projects – Laundry mountain, livingroom mayhem


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