I took a bit of a break (did you notice?) due to well, life….it happens around here, ya know? I think this blog will be better focused on creative endeavors only – even though that is on hiatus right now. I hope to be back to a regular crafting schedule soon – a few months or more is likely. I’ve really missed crafting – scrapbooking and jewelry making – and need to get back to it, but my priorities need to get straightened out first. Right now I’m making those revisions – in my life schedule and on the blog. I’ve started a personal blog, A Life in Progress, and eventually I’ll try to move the ‘personal’ posts over to that blog, so that this blog is only about creative endeavors. Right now it will take some research and a bit more time than I can devote to that topic, so it will be how it is for a little while yet. Pop over to A Life in Progress to see what’s going on….


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