Pork chops with all their feathers!?!

Yep, that’s what he said…..Logan is reading a lot now, and loving it. (and his mom loves watching him love to read!) He’s just been introduced to the Magic Tree House series, and they are awesome! He’s reading book #2 which has a midieval times story setting. I was sitting beside him listening to him read aloud while talking on the phone. Then I heard that sentence. “Pork chops with all their feathers…..” um, come again, son?? Turns out pork chops was actually PEACOCKS. Peacocks with all their feathers. You see, he’s also at that stage where if the word looks remotely familiar, he’ll guess instead of make the effort to actually read the word. 😉 His Aunt K and I got a good giggle out of that one!

As he read on, with me watching more closely, he got to a passage about boys in short dresses carrying trays of food. “BOYS?!? In DRESSES?!?! {giggle} I’m glad I wasn’t there!” He then read about dogs fighting over bones under the table… “YUCK! They threw their BONES under the table?” LOL It’s so fun listening to him realize what he’s reading and process it against what is familiar to him in this current society. I’m so proud of his growing love of books! I hope it becomes a lifelong affair!


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