Pain has a price

Yep – this pain has a serious price! I’ve survived my first week in the cast, and today finally was able to get in some serious computer time. The plan was to work on post processing some photos I took, but my camera and the program I use had other ideas. 😛 The issue is being resolved, but it’s taking time, so the pictures I was going to post of the kids? You’re gonna have to wait. 😛

I did get an email that a claim was filed on my health insurance. I wanted to check and see what for, so I went looking. As I was sitting shocked at the costs I was seeing for my ankle surgery – I added it up. Turns out we are sitting just under $10,200 for the surgery. WOW! (of course, that was the submitted cost, not the paid out amount, and certainly NOT my responsible part!) This is only the surgery and meds, not the appointments leading up to the surgery, the MRI, or other costs incurred. WOW!

**no, that is not my cast pictured, as mentioned above, I’m having computer/camera issues**

Part of why I was interested in looking at the claim was because life is never dull in our household. Tyler was bitten by fire ants yesterday, and in spite of immediate benadryl administration, still got hives within a short time, and started wheezing. He was at his Aunt Angie’s and spending time with his cousins, so here I sit 45 minutes away. 😦 I told Angie to give the epi pen, and take him to the ER, and then called the ER and told them to expect them any minute. Hubby left work and hurried to gather me and the wheelchair, and off we went to the ER in Lucedale. I’m worried about the cost because it was not local, and I don’t know if it will be “out of network,” but it was definitely an emergency! The cost is nothing since it was *needed*!! Tyler is fine now, just on some antihistamines and steroids to help the hives finish going away, and ease the itching! It was the first time he’s had to have the epi pen, and he was a trooper! (though wired for sound for a while – his eyes were SO dilated! LOL)

Well, I’ve got lots more I could write, but will save it for another day!


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