Tidbits from the week…

*My oldest tattle-tale advised me that Tyler said a bad word. He said the “SH” word. When I asked what the ‘sh’ word was….I was told that the four letter word was HUSH. Yes, apparently HUSH is a four letter SH word in our house! 😀

*There was another attempted burglary at a house three houses down from our cross street. The home owners were home at the time. One perp was at the front door, another at the back door. They were scared off when the man of the house confronted one of them at the door.

*My daughter is now terrified of everything, everyone, every bug, every sound, and, well, pretty much EVERYTHING. Did I mention EVERY. THING. She’s slept with us each night since. Last night we finally got her to fall asleep in her own bed, but partway through the night, she climbed in with me again.

*We hung new curtains. The couch drama is ongoing. Oh, I forgot to tell you about that. Well, when we went last weekend to pickup the sectional, they had a warehouse error and couldn’t find half of it. So we got a beat up half, with no feet and no center cushion. Of course this error was realized once we got home. Hubby went BACK out there to get feet and the center cushion. The manager is promising us a new couch, and is supposed to be comping delivery. I sure hope so. This is annoying! We were told it would be two weeks, and that would put delivery next weekend, days after my surgery. So, I called today to check the progress, and am now told it’s going to be another week and a half. Um. Yeah. I asked for the manager to call. I explained to him that the *reason* we chose the couch we did was because I was having surgery and didn’t want to deal with waiting on delivery and the mess along with it. He will call me on Tues after following up on when the new couch will be here. Super annoying, but seriously, what are my options? (a sarcastic, rhetorical question, I assure you.)

*I’m days away from surgery, and terrified. My last surgical experience was less than positive, so I’m very scared. On the other hand, I’m in so much pain right now. I cried earlier – I think I’ve re-injured my ankle some, and the burning is as bad as when I first injured it. I’m also having spasms and pain on the top of my foot near my toes. That’s new. Yippee. I’m teaching Relief Society and then doing 20 minutes of Music in Primary tomorrow, and while I love teaching, and don’t mind helping out in Primary, I am dreading standing for so long.

*Brandon has a new haircut – it’s super short, just like Daddy’s. He loves it, and looks super cute. I’ll have to get a pic and post it!

*Tyler had his pre-K ‘graduation’ (sorta thing) and is excited to be going to Logan’s school next year. The pre-K teacher assured me that the letter accepting the twins into pre-K is in the mail! (happy dance!!!)

*Logan had a special visit from Mom this week at school. I spent three hours up there one morning reminding him to not daydream and to do his classwork. His teacher has been having trouble with him not completing his work, and had been sending it home in the evenings. Then we switched to him taking zeros. In one day he got several zeros on classwork and two tests. We decided to change tactics. I embarrassed him enough that he has done well the rest of the week. Imagine that. :o|

*I also had a special meeting up at Ty’s school. It seems that the school had been giving him twice the dosage of his ADHD meds at lunch than they should have been. The ped dr assured me he was fine, and I went to the school to have a meeting with the Principal, Nurse, and Nurse Supervisor. It’s taken care of. I’m still not entirely happy, but again, what are my options?

That’s a few of the highlights of my week. I got this post in just under the wire! Sorry – as you can see it’s been a busy week!


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