Well, I’ve always liked shoes, but I’ve never really been one to buy the shoes and look for the outfit to go with them….That was my sister. 😉 (Hi, K!) But it happened. Today.

While I was at Ross looking for some more curtains to layer with my sheers to make them, well, less sheer, I saw these shoes on the end cap. And they called my name. They have this awesome vintage feel to them! I told myself they probably didn’t have my size, but low and behold a 6.5! I tried it on, and it was huge! Uh-oh…. oh well. Then I spied a size 6! Hallelujah! They fit like a DREAM! I’m in love! And the price? Normally $49.99…..these lovelies at Ross? Only $12.99!

I held them and thought about them for a moment – I don’t even have an outfit to wear these with. But they are SO pretty! Heck, I’ve got that skirt pattern I still need to make….and I’ve got a JoAnn’s coupon that I can use on some fabric….and I can find fabric that goes with these….I had to have them! I scooped them up and hurried to the register. By the way, I didn’t find any curtains, but I did find these shoes, a dress for Sarah, a stool for my vanity, and a Father’s Day gift from the kids for hubby!

eta: I can’t wear these yet because of my ankle injury, but my dr promises I’ll be able to wear heels again after I heal!


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