Ok, not only do I *feel* like this woman….today I even look like her! Minus the hair do. It’s been a whirlwind of activity here at our home since our Cinco de Mayo visitors. Lots of cleaning, running around getting paperwork and keys and well, STUFF done. We are also rearranging furniture. Last night we moved the fish tank.

Yeah, it’s huge…but pretty! 😀 (click for more detail) I love it. All the plants are real. (except that one long “air tube cover” just to the left of the heater) Why did we move it? Well, to make room for the new couch.

We’ve had our current set for just over 11 years. It’s lived a good life, but for the past few years it’s slowly been falling apart. We’ve been waiting and limping by with couch covers and most recently sheets to cover the fraying fabric. This couch seats 2 comfortably, three with the middle person feeling like they are falling between the cushions. It has a matching chair and a half, which to be honest is a stupid idea. It seats one. Who ever has one and a half visitors? I guess it can seat two small children, but then you have to referee the ensuing arguments over just about anything. This set is also ‘overstuffed’ which is another way to say HUGE! So, up until now, we can only seat three people in our living room, even though it’s full of upholstered furniture. Everyone else has to grab a dining room chair or sit on the floor.

We are now the proud owners of a lovely sectional. It’s neutral camel colored microfiber with teflon coating and a 5 year warranty on rips, stains, and any other calamity children and pets can havoc! 😀 Can I tell you I love it? Love. Real. Love. So of course this means moving furniture around. I cannot wait to get the new piece here.

I’ve got to get these old pieces gone, though. Anyone know someone wanting them? It’s $50 for the set! The chair and a half is in excellent condition – rarely used. (ok, the truth – the chair is $50, the couch is free with the purchase of the chair, or we can dispose of the couch for you if you only want the chair)

Today I’m trying desperately to get these old pieces gone (posting online several places), and getting rid of the old blinds that the kids have broken a slat or two. I’m also hanging our new curtains. We got them several months ago – I wanna say mid February – at Bed Bath and Beyond on the clearance table. Four pair of 84″ long white sheers for $10. TOTAL. Not each!! SCORE! Since our window is so wide, the four pair (8 curtain panels) should give great coverage. I also figured a way to extend our curtain rod with a wooden dowel, so we didn’t have to go buy a new expensive rod, and we can use the same one we have here! Cause I’m awesome like that. ha.

I guess I need to get back to my naked window – I was just all hot and tired and wanting a break, so I blogged. I’ll post pics of the put together room in a few days. 🙂


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