We’ve been robbed.

There is just no fun in this post. It sucks. Tuesday afternoon, while driving carpool to get the older boys from school, our home was burglarized.

The person(s) made off with our wii and all the games and accessories (oh so conveniently in the baskets in the entertainment center), a lot of my jewelry – including several priceless sentimental pieces, and my camera with half of our Mexico pictures on the card in it. They also stole a set of keys off of Chris’ nightstand which had a house key and the van key and keyless remote.

We came home to a somewhat disheveled living room, and a totally trashed master bedroom. They pulled dresser drawers out, dumped a dresser over, moved the mattress from the foundation and just trashed the room. They entered through the master bedroom window, and left the same way.

We had the locks on the house changed the same night, and to prevent the van from being stolen during the night, we removed two of the wheels and kept them in the garage. Today I had the locks on the van changed, and when I get a new keyless remote, we can reprogram the remotes. We are in the process of filing a claim through our homeowners insurance.

I have a lot of malice in my heart right now regarding the person(s) that did this. I’m trying to move past it. I’m mad. I feel violated. I’m mad. But, I’m taking back control of my security and my family’s safety. We will not let this rule our lives. Did I mention I was mad?


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