Body Wars

Anyone remember that? Ok, I’m a geek – it was a ride at Disney that apparently has since closed. I loved it. I was and am still a huge medical geek.

Oh, and on a side note – I *heart* Brandi. Pop Quiz! See if you can tell what I’m doing differently to emulate her. And no, it’s not funny, pithy writing – though I envy that talent of hers!

Ok, back to medical geekness. I get to have surgery. Great. Just. Freaking. Great. Did I not look like I had enough going on? The MRI results showed a tear in my peroneus brevis tendon. Even better? The tear was caused by another tendon. Yes, I know – unreal. I have a longitudinal tear. That means that I didn’t tear it in half, I tore it lengthwise, creating an area where I have two half tendons instead of one strong tendon. Good grief.

A longitudinal tear occurs when the longus tendon actually pulls so hard that it slices the brevis tendon into two parts along its’ length. This means that the injury is actually caused by one peroneal tendon (the longus) slicing through the other peroneal tendon (the brevis). linky with pictures of the surgery for those of you brave enough!

Yes, surgery is required. The procedure is fairly easy, taking about an hour, and is outpatient. The fun comes in with my medical history and whether they can do the surgery at the surgical center, or if I have to go to the hospital. It’s all a scheduling thing, the surgery would be the same, but it’s just annoying.

After the surgery, I’ll wake up in a cast. A *non-walking* cast. I’ll be in the first cast for two weeks, have it removed, have stitches removed, and another cast put on for another 4 weeks. Yes, folks, I’ll be in a non-walking cast for 6 long, hot, summery weeks. In the deep south. Where it’s already insanely hot and humid. Then I get to wear a walking boot – also hot and heavy to wear – for 4-5 weeks more while doing physical therapy. In short – my summer is going to SUCK!

Oh, and did I mention I have kids? Four kids. Four young kids. And a SIL that is graciously looking into taking them for six long weeks. Isn’t she awesome? That’s if we can talk her poor husband into putting up with a million kids again. You see, she’s got four kids of her own, too. I’ve got to get childcare arranged for them one way or another. We’re hoping to figure it out soon, so that will one less thing for me to worry about. (and I just got a call back from my SIL, she’s able to take the kids!)

Also, the surgical center called – they will be able to do the surgery at their center – no hospital!! I only need to get an appointment with my primary medical dr for medical clearance. This is great news! Now I’m just waiting on the call to find out the date of surgery! I can’t do the surgery until June because the kids get out of school the last week of May, which means that I do carpool to two different schools every day. And the bum foot is my driving foot. 😉 While I loathe the idea of being off my feet for 6 weeks and unable to move around easily, I’m looking forward to actually having a DATE to focus on! I’m not a patient person, I hope they call soon!

ETA: We have a date – May 28!


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