The Eye of the Beholder

I think I was having some issues with my double vision related to my myasthenia gravis today. (two links for ya there!) As I was driving down the road (taking my husband, with the horrid kink in his neck to the chiropractor) I mentioned to my husband that I was having difficulty focusing. I could see close up, but anything more than a few feet away was pretty blurry. Double vision is really a pain in the tuckus. It’s not really seeing two things, its not being able to focus on one thing because your eyes are not focusing together, but independently. You can see fairly clearly if you close one eye or the other, but you have trouble seeing with both eyes together. Annoying, I tell you!

I have meds I can take to help treat this, but it causes a fun side effect called fasciculations. That’s a big fancy term for ‘muscle twitches’ – use it one day and watch how many people wonder what you are talking about! Well, these lovely fasciculations tend to gather in one specific location. My tongue. Lots and LOTS of fasciculations…all in my tongue. It becomes rather difficult to speak – my speech becomes slurred and mumbled. It’s great fun – quite the party trick. Once when I had a particularly bad episode (read that as: overdose of my meds) I sounded like a deaf New Yorker – no offense to any Yankees or hearing impaired individuals – that’s just the closest thing I can explain.

Well, we got to the chiropractor without incident, and the day continued. It pretty much remained the same for a while, and I guess improved because I don’t recall noticing it this afternoon.

Well, this evening while wasting time on Facebook, I saw an ad to the right: “Sleep Apnea CRAP Supplies.” That certainly caused a double take! It actually read: “Sleep Apnea CPAP Supplies.” CPAP is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure – a system/device that keeps a patient’s air way from collapsing during sleep. I was a respiratory therapist, so I know these things! And I can’t *believe* I read that wrong! LOL

Maybe it wasn’t my MG tonight, maybe it’s my lack of sleep, or **shhhhh – don’t tell Chris** maybe it’s just old age! :oO


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