Ya think?

For those that don’t know, here’s a touch of background….
Labor Day Weekend 2008 I sprained my left ankle – badly! I thought it was broken, dr said nope, just a severe upper ankle sprain. A few weeks (4? 6?) in a huge walking boot, and a month of physical therapy later, I’m all good!

New Years Day 2009 Same thing, other foot…different results. HUH? Let me explain… I fell again, this time causing a severe sprain to my right ankle. Ended up seeing a different orthopedic because of the holidays and limited appointments being available. Boot for a week, then a supporting brace for a few weeks more, no physical therapy – “you’ll be fine…” This other doctor had a different treatment philosophy. He also questioned the amount of pain I was experiencing. In all seriousness, *I* thought this ankle was hurt worse. It swelled worse, and the swelling persisted longer. The pain was so bad, I was nauseated, and was shaking. My blood pressure was also through the roof. I’m talking 190/110 kind of pain. The pain appeared to involve more than the ankle area, and while I thought it was just pulled muscles from the fall, the dr recommended further investigating. Turns out I’ve now been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Great. Just peachy. Yes, that’s sarcasm, folks. 😉

Fast forward a few months…. I’m still having pain in my right ankle. The left ankle is good as new. The right still has swelling on the lateral side. I still can’t wear any type of shoe with an elevated heel (even LOW ones). I still have pain and discomfort in that ankle, and lots of complaints in general about that ankle, obviously.

I had to take Ty to the orthopedic for an injury – he’s fine. 🙂 It’s not as bad as we thought…ok, it IS as bad as we thought, but a different bad. It’s not broken (foot/ankle) but he had a cellulitis infection that may be MRSA. He got on some super strong antibiotics and he’s fine.

Anyway…when I was at the ortho with Ty, he noted my ankle (this was the first ortho office, not the one that treated my second injury), and said he wanted to see me on Monday when they rechecked Ty. I went in, and they did a series of x-rays, and looked at my ankle. The dr believes I have a torn tendon and is sending me for an MRI next Tuesday. Peachy. If it’s torn, I’ll need surgery. If it’s not torn, then we are hoping the MRI will show another reason for the persistent pain.

Ok, ok, I’m getting to the point of the whole post now…finally….
I’m not one that can sit and wait patiently. I’m more a proactive kind of person (read: control freak and impatient) so I was looking on the web for info about this type of injury and results and pretty much anything I could get my hands on about this ankle situation. I googled “chronic ankle pain sprain” trying to get the key words I wanted. I found a link to PERSISTENT PAIN AFTER ANKLE SPRAIN. Wow – sounds right on! This is an outline (you can look at the link if you want) of a follow up of over 1000 patients with an ankle sprain. The results are from patients 9 months to 6.5 years post injury. As I’m reading through this information I come across a section about 1/3 of the way through, about the Chronic Ankle Pain and a ‘patient profile.’

Now, I must admit when I read this section, which I will share with you shortly, I busted up laughing. I then called my husband, as he was on his way home, to share this tidbit, and HE laughed, too. Here’s what I read:

Chronic Ankle Pain

  • Patient Profile
    • Previous injury of weeks to months
    • Activity limiting pain described as “soreness”
    • Generalized “weakness” with locking, giving way, and swelling
    • Frustrated and often hostile

Bullet #1, yep – got that, #2? yep….#3? yes again….#4…..WHAT? YA THINK? WOULDN’T YOU BE FRUSTRATED AFTER BEING IN PAIN FOR MONTHS WITH NO RESOLUTION? huh…that *does* sound hostile, doesn’t it…sorry ’bout that…. Guess that Patient Profile is spot on….

Seriously – I laughed SO hard at the fourth bullet point. So there’s your jolly for the day…and if it’s not funny to you, maybe it’s that I should get out more…..


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