Yes, that’s what’s going on – LIFE. Just days, flying by….faster, and faster it seems.

A few updates: Chris is taking the week off next week! ~happy dance~ We are *finally* going to finish unpacking….and let’s say it’s been embarrassingly long enough for that task to be complete! He’s taking some vacation time to rest, relax, and declutter. Yep, declutter. We’ve decided we are tired of living with so much *stuff* and so we are going to pare down quite a bit over the next week. I am SO excited to get all this done! We plan to be brutal!

Tomorrow I will be walking with my bff, Monica, in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. Monica is an amazing woman. She has been in remission for a little over a year, I think, and has a wonderful attitude about her experience. She went through surgery, chemo, the whole she-bang, and only missed something like 3 days from work! Crazy, huh? I love her. ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s totally awesome! (Sending you love, sweetie! I’m proud to call you my friend!)

Logan has been asked to participate in a school play – he’ll be playing a crab. His favorite part is reciting his line of: “…pinch like this, pinch, pinch, pinch.” (and then Mollee says something….he always adds that qualifier, LOL) When I get more details and pictures of the actual event, I’ll post again, promise. I know I’ve been bad about updating again….and I am holding my hand up – no really, I am – and swearing I’ll improve. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tyler turned five this week! Wow – I can’t believe he is growing up so quickly! He’s so smart, and such a sweet child. I still say he gives the absolute BEST hugs! He also had an adventure yesterday that I am really hoping we won’t have to repeat anytime soon! I got a phone call from the school that Tyler was having an allergic reaction and that I needed to come get him. About 10 minutes later, I saw him in the nurses station, with hives from head to foot. His ears were so swollen and red, that there was no curl in the ear, and they were about 1/2-3/4 inch thick – they looked like two lumps of flesh stuck on the sides of his head. I administered benadryl immediately, and when I heard this horrible coughing, I called the pediatrician. They advised me to take him to the ER immediately. In the ER he was administered a steroid and observed. The benadryl arrested any further development of symptoms, though it took about 2 hours to see any improvement in the hives and such. We discovered what looked like fire ant bites on his leg. We followed up at the peds today, and she believes he is allergic to fire ants. We now have a ‘script for Epi Pens, and steroids and benadryl to be kept at school. It was a super scary experience! I had an adrenalin crash last night from the experience – I felt really bad – I was sorta worried that it might be the flu, but I’m better today, so I think it was just the crash.

Sarah has become quite the bossy little thing! She’s constantly bossing Brandon around, and he’s so sweet that he usually does what she wants. There are times that he does the exact opposite of what she wants, and it’s hilarious to listen to him chuckle and her get madder and madder as she continues to insist on his doing what she says. We are trying to teach her that she isn’t the boss. To be honest, I was the same way when I was little. She must get it honest….

Brandon is sweet as ever! He’s talking more, and still such a sensitive child. He is always helping his sister. He also seems to have a mischievous streak (see the notes above about NOT doing what Sarah bosses him to do). He always asks for his nightly tickle before bed. Brandon gets hugs, kisses, and tickles. Sarah gets hugs, kisses, and noses. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m sorta going through a baby-lust phase. No, I don’t want any more children. We are done, I do feel like my family is complete – it’s not that “I want a baby” type of lust. It’s just the “I want to HOLD a baby” type of lust. I miss the soft skin, the quiet baby sleep noises, the scent of their hair, the snuggliness of the tiny warm body. (I know that snuggliness is not a word, I made it up, but I’m ok with that!) I miss babies. I’ve had babies non stop for 6 years, and now we are truly growing out of that phase. The twins are 3…they are potty training. (please note: I WILL NOT MISS DIAPERS! I’ve had my lifetime fill!) They are more interested in running around than in snuggling with Mom. I know, they are growing up – and that’s a good thing, and I’m happy about it. But….I still miss having a *baby* in the house. I don’t miss the diapers, the night time feedings, the diapers, the huge diaper bag, the diapers (oops, did I say that already?)… I don’t miss those things, but I do miss the sweet moments and the tiny little baby. Now I’m all teary eyed. I got to hold a baby at church last Sunday, and it was wonderful. I really loved those 10-15 minutes. Thank you to the sweet woman that shared her baby with me. I notice babies everywhere, and sometimes the urge to just hold one is overwhelming. It was nice to be able to indulge for a few moments……and then it was nice to be able to give the baby back!


One thought on “Life…happening…

  1. What a fabulous post! I'm glad to hear updates about each of the kids personalities. Isn't it so cool how each of them is so different? I should take the time to do a great post like this one. Mind if I copy you? Roy and I are in a purge mode too. Chuck it if we haven't used it. I hate to get rid of perfectly good stuff but if I'm not using it then someone else can.What a neat birthday gift for you to have your hubby off for a week with you. It will be nice to share lunches together with the house a bit more quite, we sure like it.

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