A confession

I’m hoping I’m not the only one out there with this confession….Truth is, I know I’m not the only one, but I doubt anyone else will fess up!

Ideally I’d love to have my fridge cleaned out every two weeks. It’s hard to do when so many other tasks are placed in a more important slot than lowly fridge cleaning. (Hmm, cook dinner or clean the fridge?) It’s been too long since my fridge has been cleaned out. We’ve been shuffling things around, moving stuff, making room, removing things occasionally – but there are far too many UFI’s in there (UFI= unidentifiable food item).

My mother-in-law has been so sweet. When she heard about my foot, and we had the impending storm, she brought over some hurricane supplies, and meals for our family. My husband did the fridge shuffle and made it all fit. Now, the large containers have small amounts in them, and as grocery weekend is approaching, I know I need to clean out the fridge. UGH….I hate cleaning out the fridge. I have the dishwasher running, and figured when it’s done, I’ll clean out the fridge, and stick the yucky containers straight into the dishwasher to clean. No biggie.

Now here’s my confession: Have you ever just looked at a container with UFI in it, and longed to just THROW IT AWAY instead of cleaning it? Huh? Yeah, I’m there. If it’s a cheapie, recycled container, or a “disposable” gladware type container, I’m pitching it. If it’s nicer, I’m going to bite the bullet and clean it. BLECH, I hate this chore!


2 thoughts on “A confession

  1. I have figured out that leftovers twice a week works for my family. We take everything out even the salad dressings and leave them on the counter until all plates have been made. Then the only things that re-enter the fridge are the condiments. This keeps a clean fridge for us. Hope this helps. It took a few years to commit to this routine but it works.

  2. That just might work for us. I am thinking I might designate Friday nights as Leftovers night. Easy cooking night, gets it all clean before the weekend. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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