yeah, that’s my constant mantra, it seems. Well, Friday I had all these glorious plans – they were shot to heck around 2:40pm when I fell and broke my ankle. Yes, it’s broken – a small fracture – including a chip floating around in there. I’m in a hard splint and on crutches. Come ON! For real? Good grief! Yeah, it sucks. Remember how embarrassing I said it was to injure my shoulder playing wii? Well, another embarrassing adventure: I broke my ankle stepping out of my house, stepping down the single step to the driveway. Something went wrong, and I started to twist my ankle, then there was this nasty pop, and I had dimming of my vision. I just knew something was wrong, so after picking up the kids from school and dropping them at a sitter’s home, a friend drove me to the dr and waited with me till hubby showed up. I’m so blessed to have good friends in my life!

Hubby was working on the dishes today, since I ended up being off my feet for the rest of the day. (and for the rest of the weekend at least, according to Dr.Doofus) If I’m still hurting on Tues, I’ll be calling the orthopedic since the dr I saw at the walk-in urgent care center left me feeling less than confident in his abilities to treat me. I’m sorta doped up on some good pain pills. (ok, maybe more than sorta)Now my mind is drawing a blank – they must be some *good* pain pills! Anyway…I guess I’ll try to post more tomorrow. I’m nervous about being up long enough for church, but since it was canceled last week for the storm risk, I’m really wanting to go this week. I’m just going to be a little dazed, since I know I’ll have to take some meds before going.


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