Good Morning!

Ok, it’s FRIDAY!!! YES! *AND* it’s a long weekend! Awesome! Here’s my list of stuff to do today:
~Dishes – um, my small kitchen is overwhelmed with dishes…I’m not sure I can exactly tell you where my week went, but I can say with some certainty that it didn’t include dishes for the past two days, and so my kitchen is over-run with a wreck of dirty dishes!
~Straighten Living Room – again…where did the week go? Who knows! I need to clean up the miscellaneous clutter that has accumulated over the week. I really need to get back to when I picked up all the misplaced items before bed. I made two circuits around the house with a laundry basket. The first circuit I picked up anything out of place, the second trip around, I put everything back where it went and ended with an empty basket. I’m embarrassed to admit how long it’s been since this was part of my routine, I really need to get that started again!
~Make/Plan Dinner – Not sure what we are having yet….any suggestions? 😉
~Photograph Jewelry! – This is the more fun aspect! I get to take pictures and edit, and maybe even MAKE some new pieces! This weekend (being a long weekend) I hope to get some time to load up that store! (crossing fingers)

Now – for a fun bit – have you seen Wordle? It’s this super cool site that will take any block of text, blog, etc and pull the most used words and create a word cloud! Mine’s not all that awesome yet, so let me share with you one from The Family: A Proclamation to the World.

I’ll do my best to post again later with an update on my progress…..right now I need to go check on the twins….they are being too quiet!


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