Summer’s Ending….New Things Beginning…

Ok, to sum it up – the summer was crazy. That small delay turned into a huge delay, obviously. While I was across the bay that first weekend in May, my daughter broke her foot. Yep, broke it. Cast for 3 weeks. A HOT PINK cast, of course! She picked it out…..I wasn’t surprised. That girl is *totally* girly! Ruffles, lace, pink, frills, dresses, bring it on!

Two weeks after breaking her foot, she was hospitalized for severe dehydration due to rotavirus. All four of the kids had it, and two ended up hospitalized within days of each other. When we finally seemed to be getting back to normal, I was injured.

Ok, this is so embarrassing….please consider yourself warned: epic stupid injury story. I injured my shoulder and ended up going to the dr. We thought I had torn my rotator cuff, so off I go for an MRI. Turns out it’s not torn – YEAH! I only strained and frayed one of the tendons, so no surgery, just physical therapy for a while. I’m pretty much back to normal now. There are still some movements that are not comfortable, and I still have trouble reaching behind my back with that arm. Now for the embarrassing part… What did I do, you ask? Um, well, I was playing a game. πŸ™‚ Oh, what game? Uh… the Wii. Yes, I injured my shoulder playing Boom Blox. When the x-ray tech heard what I did, she laughed and said I should LIE about how I injured my shoulder. I admit, it’s funny. It’s also embarrassing. πŸ˜› And did I mention this was my right arm? Yeah, talk about inconvenient!

Ok, the shoulder is better, the kids are better, and that personal issue I was going through? Well,it got worse, and now it’s better, too. The personal issue is not something I’m going to be blogging about, it’s just one of those things. It doesn’t mean I don’t love my audience, it just means it’s personal. πŸ˜‰

Now the kids are in school, and I only have two at home, so I am FINALLY going to be able to finish up preparations and open the store! πŸ˜€ YEAH!! I plan on working really hard this weekend to finish taking pictures, editing them, and putting the info together so I can get it going. I’m so excited!


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