Life and such…

is BUSY! Surprised? Nah, I didn’t think so. Let me ask you one thing, though….how am I going to survive the summer? Springbreak last week about did me in! I have a feeling that Mom will be planning an outing once a week, and that she will probably tell Daddy that we NEED that Exploreum membership for her sanity!

We recently had our two dogs micro-chipped. I’m so glad to have that extra measure of security. We found a microchip drive, and it was only $20 each to have them chipped, then we registered the numbers at 24PetWatch. This is a free service that will contact you if your pet is scanned. FREE!! I encourage everyone with a furry member of their family, cat or dog, to get your animal chipped! (ok, done with the mini-PSA) Here are pics of my babies. Maggie is watching a stranger through the fence as they walk down the street, and Sophie is mostly still for this shot! She’s a real bundle of energy still at 10 months!

This weekend I’ve got a cyber-crop to attend with all the awesome ladies at the Coordinates Collections website! The forum is filled with wonderful ladies, and the gallery is amazing! There is some fantastic talent over there! Oh, and some super awesome kits and such in the shop!! I know I’ve spent way more than I should have! tehehe!! Then, next weekend, I’m going to a 24 hour crop at Gigi’s in honor of NSD. (that’s National Scrapbooking Day, for all you non-scrappers! *grin*)


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