Did ya miss me?

Ok – I’m sorry I have ignored my vast public audience (ha-ha….that IS a joke for the non-existent readers!) Anyway – here’s another update on my life……
Chris is still happy at LCSI. His wife is nagging him regularly now to find out how to put in for vacation time. He’s resisting the best he can. :oP He’s also looking at getting some certifications – LCSI is supporting him. Such a nice change after being in a very stressful job for so many years.
Logan is astonishing. He really blows my mind. He’s smarter than he should be! I’ve applied to the magnet schools for him, as he starts Kindergarten this fall. Is he REALLY getting to be that old? wow….. We should hear the first week of April, if he’s been selected for the magnet schools. He certainly made me smile last week – I asked Logan to let Maggie outside. His reply? “It would be my pleasure.” ok, WHERE the HECK did THAT come from???? LOL, I got a giggle out of that one, that’s for sure!
Tyler is, well, a typical three year old. It’s hard, him being three and all. 😮 We want him to be potty training, and he really doesn’t care. I’m waiting for that change, when he WANTS to be dry. He can do it – he’s done it before. He’s had days where he stays dry and uses the potty like he should. Then there are the rest of the days – when he doesn’t seem to care. Right now, I think we are going to switch to pullups full time, and get rid of diapers. On the weekends, when we are at home, we may go ahead and put him in cloth pants, to see if that will help, also.
Sarah has made great strides!! She has started walking, and as a result, physical therapy said to continue what we are doing already, and call if we need them. They didn’t schedule any future appointments. :oD WOWIE! Now we are down from 5 appointments a month to only 2 a month! Sarah has also gained to 20lbs, and so her carseat has been turned around. All this finally – at 18 months!
Brandon – my little man! He’s still into everything, and is super curious. He thinks he’s one of the big boys, and follows his older brothers around doing everything he can to be like them! He’s also been turned around in his carseat! He decided a few weeks ago that he liked to eat! It’s about TIME! He can now out-eat his sister!!! I’m thrilled that his eating issues seem to be resolving on their own.
Brandon is also saying TONS of new words. His vocabulary now consists of: mama, daddy, shoe, sock, ewwww, go, ball, book, sarah, belly, wa-full (waffle). Sarah is also talking more, she says: mama, daddy, shoe, sock, go, ball, book, wah (waffle), bye, and night-night. I think the majority of Sarah’s struggles have been overcome. She may have issues again at 3 or so, the PT said, when she starts jumping and such, but we will see. I’m just so happy to see her more independent at home. She’s still pretty reserved with strangers, but that’s not too uncommon for little ones their age.

Ok, now that everyone else has had a turn, it’s MY turn! I have exciting news – I’ve been accepted to the local Scrapbook Store’s Design Team! The store is called It’s Not Just Scrap. I was one of four designers chosen to join the team. I have my first meeting with them in less than two weeks, to see what all we’ll be working on this year! Another exciting bit of news – I’m now the proud owner of a Craft Robo! wooohoooo!!! I’m so excited with the possibilities! It was delivered yesterday evening, and before I could go to sleep, I had to cut something with it. LOL I also got some PINK luggage recently. Now I have something to pack my stuff in when I go back to IL this summer!! yippie! I’ve also joined a gym. I’ve been trying to go everyday except Sunday, and I think I’ve only missed two days. In two weeks, I’ve lost 5 lbs! I like that kind of progress. I know it will vary, and I hope I stay in love with exercising. I’ve surprised myself – I really enjoy going to the gym. I never thought I would, but I really do! They have childcare included with your membership, so everyday after taking the boys to school, I go to the gym. It’s become a nice routine!
Tonight we pick up the kids’ pics. We had a foursome shot of all of them. It’s the first formal pic of all four of them together – I’m anxious to see how it came out! I’ll be sure to post later tonight or tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Did ya miss me?

  1. So good to hear the kids are doing well & you are taking some time for yourself. Great news on the LSS. Funny thing~I have been thinking of opening a LSS and Just for the Scrap of it was a name I was thinking of.. now I'm going no…LOL Anyhoo- really happy to hear all is going well!!Big HUGS!! Miss ya!

  2. So, did Logan make it in to the Magnet school you wanted? Are you still going to the gym? Congrats on the design team. How's that going? My point here: Update your blog!!! :O)

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