Ok, I’m sorry I left everyone hanging after my last post. After much thought, I’ve decided to not post what I originally wanted to…..it’s not the person I want to be. I didn’t like how I was feeling, and what was going on, so I’m going to be a better person and leave it all unsaid. I do want Darcy to know – I love you and support you completely. I’m sorry so much of the brunt of the mess fell on you. It’s not fair. But, then again, life never is. I’m sorry. Know that your true friends stand beside you in the issue.

Now….. moving on to other topics……Brandon was very ill last week – I took him to the doctor on Tuesday with congestion, fever, etc. He had double ear infections, one being worse than the other. poor guy…. We got ammoxicillan prescribed and went on our way. The RSV shots scheduled had to wait until the fever was below 100.5, that morning he was 101.0. Tuesday night it got bad….real bad….Bran’s fever was 104.6, he was miserable. Now this child is normally my HAPPY child – never seems to complain, so for him to be fussy (and mildly so, at that) was significant. After ibuprofen and no clothes for an hour (he was shivering so we were advised to not give a bath) the fever was down to 104.3. I was SO worried. The next morning, we were down to 102.5, but Wed night, we were back up to 104.2…finally Friday morning we got the fever under control.
Since the fever was under control we went to the dr for the babies 15 month well baby. Sarah weighed in at 17lb3oz 28.5″, and Bran at 17lb2oz 29.25″. Both are doing very well according to the dr . SO….then the babies got three shots each, including the flu shot. After we got home and they had a nap, the home health came out and administered their RSV shots, so in total Friday they got 5 shots a piece – owie! At the well child, Bran had a small red rash coming up, but the dr said it would go away, call if it got worse – it was from the antibiotics. Fri night it *was* worse, so I didn’t give him the meds, and Saturday morning, it was horrid – the poor boy was red all over – there was no definition to the rash, it was just a huge red mass. I called the dr – they advised benadryl and called in a different antibiotic. Ok, third child with sensitivity to pcn. :oP The second antibiotic was horrible on his belly, so, as a mom, and since the ears were mostly cleared up when he was seen on Fri, I made the decision stop the abx and see what happens. No fever has returned, and the snotty nose is clearing up still. I think he’ll continue to improve. The malaise from the injections is now also basically over, so they are returning to their chipper selves.
Sarah had another OT appointment yesterday. She tolerated Brenda. She wasn’t too keen on much. LOL, my moody girl. She didn’t all out scream and cry like she used to, but she wasn’t happy and participating like the last visit, either. Two steps forward, one step back. PT comes again next week, and we also see our parent advisor next week.
Logan is such a sweet child. I feel really blessed that Heavenly Father sent him to our home, and so humbled to be his mother. Logan loves to help out any way he can and is such a gentle child…..for the most part – I mean he *is* still a little boy! Tyler loves to copy and do exactly what his big brother does. If Logan says he’s thirsty, suddenly Tyler needs a drink, too. And it’s like that with everything! Tyler is growing so much right now, it’s hard to see him grow so fast….I’m having to remind myself that he’s three now and can do more than I expect. Well, I guess that’s true for both the older boys. It’s hard letting go sometimes and letting them grow up.
We got a triple bunk bed Friday night for the boys. Our plan is to have the three boys share a room and the triple bunk will really make that feasible. I think I am going to price mattresses (it didn’t come with them) and we will put the boys in the bunks, and Bran’s crib will move in there to help get them transitioned to all being in one room. We’ll move the big bed out and into Sarah’s room, and we’ll leave her in the crib and have a sort of a guest room for a bit, in with her. Obviously – we can see a time when the cribs will be sold. I think that will be hard for me. It’s exciting in one way, but it’s sad in another. I’m really getting rid of *baby* stuff. But….you know what….that means an end to *diapers,* too!!! Now THAT is exciting! LOL
OH – I need to share a picture, and this will be my first time posting a pic on my blog, so I hope it works. The children dressed up as the Wizard of Oz for Halloween. Logan was the Tin Man, Tyler was a Scarecrow, Bran was the Lion, and Sarah was Dorothy. It was so funny – when Ty got all dressed up, he said “I’m a scarecrow” and held his hands up in ‘claws’ and roared. ROFLOL, I explained to him that he wasn’t scary. Chris told him scarecrows are to scare birds away from gardens, and then Logan had an idea….He said, “Ty, I’m a bird, scare me…..” and so the fun ensued. Tyler growled while Logan shrieked, and daddy and mommy just laughed! LOL
Everyone that saw the kids thought they were adorable (well, duh! LOL) and the kids had a blast, even if they didn’t really understand what they were and where the idea for the costumes came from. We went to the Fall Festival at UCP and then the boys also had a field trip to the nursing home near the school, and they were able to trick or treat again. We still have GOBS of candy left!! :oP
(wow, it worked – and it wasn’t that hard!)


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