Winds of Change

I’ve been wrestling with so much recently. Just emotional stresses. Worries. Frustrations. This will likely be a long post, and probably a bit rambling…

First – family update…Chris is still loving working at LCSI. I’m so happy for him – he was under an extraordinary amount of stress at his last place of employment. It’s nice to see him enjoy who he works with and the work place. He no longer goes to bed at night wondering if he will still be employed the next day. That other place was *so* messed up!
Logan is SO smart. He’s scaring his parents with his exploding knowledge! Watch out world! Logan’s doing great – loving school and growing up too fast for his mommy!
Tyler is turning THREE on the 21st….THREE???? wow….. again, another one growing up too fast! He’s working on potty-training, and doing ok. He is now a whole three feet tall – LOL He’s in the 25% for his age – poor kid, got his mama’s height :oP
Sarah is doing ok. She has been doing very well with her therapy. Surprisingly, she seems to love the Wilbarger Brushing Program. She’s taking a step back in the walking department – she had started to bear weight and bend her knees when walking. Now we are back to stiff leg walking and now pushing up onto her toes, too. Neither the OT or PT know why she is doing this, so we hope with continued working, that she will move past it.
Brandon is a bouncing BOY! He doesn’t know he’s a little boy, either – he thinks he’s a big boy! He’s all but running everywhere! He doesn’t crawl any more, and he’s curious about everything! (especially the dog food, it seems!)
Now we get to me…….well….I’m here. And feeling every one of my nearly 30 years. My sister informed me I was “old.” great. You know, I didn’t think thirty would hit me all that hard. I have a wonderful marriage, husband, children, home……but it is hitting me hard. And I don’t know why. I think if I knew why it bothered me, I could deal with it, but it’s this mystery thing. I have no idea why it seems to be bothering me.
I keep working on the house, and it seems to be a two steps forward & one step back type of thing. VERY frustrating. I have gotten some ebay stuff done, and got the boxes I needed to list the rest of it. I am DETERMINED to get the boxes UNPACKED! Being a grown-up sucks sometimes…….
And the mess going on over at the forum….. I know I’m not the only one surprised and let down at the choices. wow – I sure didn’t see THAT coming. At least not that heavily biased one way. This is yet another thing in a long laundry list of little things that have been bothering me about things there. Now I will be spending more of my time on other sites. Laurie’s board will certainly be seeing more of me, and I’m also going to go looking over at IDOS and probably joining in there. The PAWS group has welcomed me with open arms, and I am so happy to have been welcomed so warmly! (and for those that don’t know – JenH and Denise – tehehe – PAWS is a “page-a-week” group that I joined)
Anyway….I’m just all over the place recently. Emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed. Tired in every sense of the word, actually.


3 thoughts on “Winds of Change

  1. I just want to say 30 is not old. (I will be 36 on Sunday, so I should know.) I was lucky, 30 didn't bother me at all. I think cause I had just met David, so was in a very happy place.

  2. 30?? Old?? are you kidding me woman?! You realize I was 11 when you were born…LOL Anyhoo- as for the DT- I am so sorry. We have chatted a bit in this & ya know I love ya!

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