Weekend Warrior….or wimp?

Ok, I didn’t get as much done this weekend on the house as I had hoped, but in my defense – it was because I was injured! Saturday afternoon, as I went to grab the paintbrushes to paint the screen frames we were working on, I stepped on a piece of the trim and got a rusty finish nail in the foot. OWIE!! I had to go in and get a tetanus shot. Let me tell you – the cure was worse! My foot is basically back to normal, and my arm is still pretty sore! I ended up scrapping my weekend away! I got 9 pages done in dh’s mission album, and one card done.

This week, I *really* need to finish going through kid clothes and get some stuff listed on ebay! We have too much schtuff taking up room in our too tiny house :oD (or at least with all this schtuff it’s too tiny!) SO – I’m weeding out – and hopefully we’ll have another yardsale, too! I just have to convince dh again….. ;o)

My ultimate goal is to have the house DONE – completely unpacked – by the end of the month. Hey, I refuse to hit the one year mark and NOT be unpacked! :oP (and as an extra incentive, if I make great headway this week, I get to scrap this weekend with the online PAWS group!!)


4 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior….or wimp?

  1. uh…PAWS group? what's that? are you having an AFFAIR??? :Orusty nail? ouch, Dawson did that just after he got his DPTP shot -right thru' the flipflop into his foot! I envy ANYONE who can scrap 1 page with kids let alone 9! {sticking my tongue out at ya!}

  2. A rusty nail?? ouch. Only you woman could do that.. :o) I know that feeling of unpacking all the boxes. It took us awhile to do ours.. but we had some pack for so long I just opened up the box & pulled maybe 1 or 2 things out & said.. okay didn't need it the whole 9 months it was packed up– bye bye. What is PAWS?? and what are you doing with them???hugzzz

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