They didn’t learn…

grrr….my older boys are STILL awake, AGAIN today. and I’m too tired to fight them any more. I went to bed and was still awake until 2:30am, and then back up at 6:00am. I’m dragging. I guess they will be going to bed early again.

Sarah has had a rough day. She fussed throughout walmart this morning on errands, and has been extra fussy all day. Days like these are hard. You don’t know what to do to make her happier. It’s not in her realm of understanding to make herself happy, and truth be told, SHE doesn’t know what she wants/needs. It’s hard watching her go through this.

On a positive note, my DIGI-GODESS friend, Darcy, made me the ‘whatever’ blinkie/button on the side – isn’t she the awesomest??? :o)


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