Feeling better

ok, somehow I posted the comment without typing anything :oP Maybe I’m *not* feeling better – LOL…..
Let’s see….I went to the dr this morning, and he determined I have a bad sinus infection brought on by seasonal allergies – yeah!(not) Glad it’s not strep! I got a script for some antibiotics, but I’m feeling so much better, I’m holding off getting them filled. I did get a steroid shot at the office, and MAN ALIVE – the side effect!! I’m sweating like CRAZY!! UGH! Seriously, it’s WORSE than the hotflashes immediately after my hysterectomy with no hormone meds! And it’s not “flashes” it’s CONSTANT! YUCK – I’m really hoping it’s going to wear off soon. But the good part is that the congestion is clearing some, and my ears are starting to pop, so I’m happy overall…..hot, but happier than yesterday this time! :oP
Today was rough with the older boys…. They did not nap, and when I went in and ended up spanking them, my sweet 4 year old rolls over and looks and me and proclaims, “that didn’t hurt,” with a defiant gleam in his eye….. grrrr…… what *am* I going to do with him? :oP Dh had a stern talking with them when he got home. Then, when they were supposed to be sitting on the bed thinking about their behavior for a few minutes while we got dinner ready, they both promptly fell asleep. Dh and I decided to let them sleep – if they woke later hungry, we’d feed them, of course, but in the mean time – they were exhausted, and they wouldn’t starve missing one meal. Perhaps this will be a lesson to them….who knows…..
The twins are still sorta under the weather because of their RSV vaccines the other day. Bran – my happy go lucky boy, into everything before you realize it – is taking it slower. He is often found just mellowing out sucking those two fingers, watching instead of barreling ahead full force. I feel bad that he’s not feeling up to par, but I know it’s a preventative I’m not willing to pass up. Ty had RSV when he was a wee babe, and it was a very scary thing. We were in the hospital for several days right before his first Christmas.
Sarah is pretty fussy. On par, I’d say :oP She has had a good few hours both of the past few days before the shot. And she is tolerating the brushing program we’ve started really well. For a sensory defensive child, she’s taken to that surgical brush. Both the OT and I were both surprised to see her finally grab it and see that it was ok. So far, brushing usually brings a smile. I don’t know if she really does enjoy it, or if she sees it as a new game and will tire of it soon. We are supposed to be doing it every 2 hours or so, or as often as we can on that type of schedule, but I hate to admit, I’ve succeeded in twice on the past two days. I’m worried as I do it more, that it’s going to backfire and she’ll start fighting it. I know it will help her, but I’m still adjusting to her needs, and how it affects so much of her life. It gets overwhelming to think about it. They say she may outgrow it, so dh and I are hopeful that this is one step in that direction. I do know that the “5 minute fieldtrips” that were suggested are helping immensely. She is much better in public now. Often she does not freak out when talked to by strangers. She’s still not keen on being touched by them – and tends to lean sharply towards me to “rescue” her, and takes a moment to let them back off before starting to whine. I see that as a drastic improvement. Remember she used to send many a little old lady packing with her screaming when they would only come near her and comment to me that she was a pretty baby!
ok, I think I’m getting too long winded here. I’m wide awake when I should be sleeping. My body needs the rest, but I feel like I’m wired. :oP I think I’m going to go curl up in the bed with Dh and try reading to get tired. until next time, good night


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