No Jellybeans!

My son is so smart! Logan (3 years old) was sitting on the couch looking at a simple board book about the color yellow. He “read” each picture and word, then looked through the book again. He closed it and looked at the cover, then again opened and read through the book. Then he brought the book to me and said, “mama, there’s no jellybeans!” I was confused for a moment till I realized the cover of the book shows a banana, a rubberduck, and two yellow jellybeans. On the inside pages there is a page with bananas and ducks, but no page with jellybeans. How smart is he!?!


One thought on “No Jellybeans!

  1. way too smart! Too cute. Cameron did one of those.. but it was with blue.. and it had blueberries.. and all these things.. and Cam asked me.. Mommy- no sharks?? what?? No Sharks– the book has no BLUE SHARKS?? why?? well sweetie- the piture taking person doesn't know about blue sharks.. he says- someone should tell them. He was 4. Don't you just love the thinsg they come up with??

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