A blog?

Yep, I’ve started a blog…..I’ve gotten tired of telling the same updates over and over, and feeling like I repeat myself a million times. :oP I don’t have time!!! LOL I’ve told lots of my friends that it seems like my life is a soap opera……and many days it *feels* like one!

Ok, that being said, who am I? I am a wife of 9 years, and mother of three years! I have four children. My oldest son just turned three in mid-August, my second son is turning two in October, and I recently delivered twins – a boy and a girl in early August. Yes – that is FOUR children in THREE years!

Yes, I’m busy. Yes, I’m tired. Yes, I get frustrated some days……would I change it? NO – I love being a mom! I never thought I’d get the chance to be a mom, so this is really my dream come true. On the other hand, I do need breaks once in a while – a morsel of time without little hands needing to be held, mouths to be wiped, diapers to be changed, bottles to be washed….you get the picture. ;o) I’ve told Chris (my dear husband) that I’m going to take a break really soon – hopefully in a week – next Saturday I am planning on getting together with a friend for a bit of time away from the family scene.

I don’t know…..this does kinda feel wierd…….like I’m talking to myself…..


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